In deen lieth aid so save your deen.

Beg absolution of the All- Mighty who of sin laveth us clean.
Confer the most pious He shall What no ear's heard nor eye has seen.
When events thine advance forestall 'Tis to test thee but a simple mean.
And pray dwell not on thy sorrows, They pave the path to the Heavens
A thousand more may yet follow, All surging to effect thy cleanse.
As deeds lie bare and charges flow What shelter then, and what defense ?
The wisdoms to obtain we chose Through Ibn Katheer or Sheikh Aasim
Gird us to face the direst woes: The aerial hints, as set by Him,
The seaman knoweth at day's close, Shall glow the brightest in the dim
To see him homeward wend again. Remember ye the Uhud hill;
Renewed vigor when all seems vain Can be attained and, by His will,
Mustered to plough right through the pain Before to rest is laid the Quill.
Rewards await beyond measure In gardens lush where rivers roar;
Unseen delights and sweet pleasure, To relieve ails, to mend the sores.
Restored shall be the spent treasure, Beyond the eight heavenly doors.
Eden's at reach, Eden's in sight ! When people lie in slumber deep,
After the last third of the night. About the warm discarded sheets,
Laden with pleas heralds take flight To Him Who heedeth servants weep.

Date: 2021/10/27

Author: Abu TocToc

Created: 2022-03-23 mer. 16:10